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Spiritual Counseling supports individuals in the process of embracing their genuine voice and personal power. It's an opportunity to engage in deep emotional and spiritual work, transforming the parts of one's self, which are no longer true in order to bring about profound healing and wholeness. 

This work is based largely on my Shamanic apprenticeship, with a Creek/Seminole Shaman, which was transformational at a core level. After I completed my apprenticeship, I was given permission to teach this  work myself.


Based in spiritual principles, not religion, this work offers a path, which can help you to ground the spiritual in everyday life, enabling you to move your life towards greater fulfillment and uncover your purposes.

Essentially a death and rebirth process, it enables you to give death to the false parts of yourself so you can embrace what is true and authentic.

You will learn to uncover your shadow selves, the parts that are holding you back and embrace Sacred Paradox. You will also learn to develop your intuition and live in the mystery without fear or reservation.

Our lives are ever changing, mysterious and always an opportunity for growth. 

Spiritual Counseling helps individuals to meet's life challenges as a more authentic self.

Each person is treated as unique and individual, within a non-judgmental




  • 60 minute session in person or skype / $100

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