Psychic Medium


Psychic Medium Readings are dependent on what spirit brings forth in the moment. I ask for information, which will help you to move your life forward and allow spirit to transmit what 's important for you to receive. I believe that our lives are ever changing, mysterious and always an opportunity for growth.


I receive information through sight, sound, scents, feelings, sensations and a sense of knowing. Each client is viewed as whole and individual, without judgement. Spiritual

Counseling and Herbal recommendations may accompaniy a Psychic Medium Reading.

. 60 minute Readings by phone for $80.

. One question Readings by email for $30.

  Questions are usually answered within 48 hours, once payment is received.

Energy Healing

The healing work I provide works on all levels. It is a gentle approach, which is essentially, the transmission of universal energy to the person receiving the healing. Energy healing is a technique, which helps to activate one's natural healing process in order to restore emotional, physical and spiritual well being. I usually work hands-off but sometimes employ hands-on techniques if it feels necessary. This type of work may have profound or subtle effects  A healing session may include Herbal recommendations as well.

. 45 minute Energy Healing session in person for $75.

. 30 minute Energy Healing session remotely for $50.