Psychic Medium


The moon is considered the female aspect of creativity, intuition,

psychic ability and wisdom. It also represents the rhythm of time and cycles of life and death.

My spirituality was first awakened as a child through my relationship with nature. I connected deeply with plants, animals and all the elements in a very profound and personal way, eventually exploring natural ways of healing and spirituality as a young adult.


I have more than 25 years experience studying and practicing a wide variety of intuitive and healing modalities. This comprises the study of Herbal Medicine,  including the completion of two Herbal apprenticeships, in addition to teaching Herbal Medicine, providing Herbal consultations and founding an Herbal products company.


Additionally, I've studied various forms of Hands-on and Energy Healing, completed an apprenticeship with a Native American Shaman, developed Mediumship with an internationally renowned

Medium, practiced Spiritual Counseling and am an ordained minister. I incorporate all of these experiences and knowledge into my readings and healing work.