About Tushita

The moon is considered the female aspect of creativity, intuition,

psychic ability and wisdom. It also represents the rhythm of time and cycles of life and death.

My spirituality was first awakened as a child through my relationship with nature. I connected deeply with plants, animals and all the elements in a very profound and personal way, eventually exploring natural ways of healing and spirituality as a young adult.

I've worked as a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, energy healer and herbalist for more than 25 years. I always had a knowing that there were other dimensions to discover and work with, although I wasn't encouraged to do so as a child. I began exploring natural ways of healing and spirituality in my 20's, which continued over many years.

My interest in natural heath came about through my own health challenges. I sought out alternative modalities and changed my eating habits completely. The more I worked on my own health, the more passionate about natural healing I became, and I began what ended up being years of study in a myriad of disciplines.

I eventually focused most intensely on herbal medicine and hands-on/energy healing. I completed two herbal apprenticeships, including one with Susun Weed, the mother of the modern Wise Woman Tradition, which incorporated spirituality into my work with plants, deepening my connection to nature.

Prior to that, I entered into an apprenticeship with a Creek/Seminole Shaman, which turned out to be the most intense personal exploration I've undertaken to date. It was deeply spiritual work that challenged me to the core in profound and life changing ways.

Later I studied with an internationally renown Psychic Medium who helped me further develop my Psychic and Mediumship abilities, which initially began during my Shamanic apprenticeship.

I now incorporate all of these experience and study into the work that I offer.


My reading was strangely accurate to how I was feeling and what I was experiencing in my relationship and has pushed me to take action to deal with and heal my anxiety that was affecting my relationship. Thanks so much! I would really recommend.

— S. Patel

It was very helpful. Many thanks.

— Andy C.

You responded to the questions I asked you in a positive and reassuring manner, which gave me a lot of comfort and some excitement for the future.

— Frank R.

Thank you very much for your reading. You picked up exactly how I'm feeling about work. It all made a lot of sense to me. Many thanks.

— Andrea A.